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Piping and Drumming

The Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games is now accepting band and solo registrations! 

Please CLICK HERE for WUSPBA registration.

Schedules and information TBA.

Bagpipe competitions are events where bagpipers, both solo players and members of pipe bands, showcase their skills and compete against fellow musicians. These competitions are judged based on various criteria, including musicality, technique, and execution.

Solo piping competitions are for individual pipers. They showcase the piper's skills in playing a specific tune or a selection of tunes, depending on the competition's rules and regulations. Solo piping competitions are judged based on technical skill, musical expression, and the piper's overall performance.

Band competitions are for pipe bands, which consist of several pipers and drummers. The pipe band plays a selection of tunes, and their performance is judged based on ensemble playing, musical expression, and technical ability.

Bagpipe competitions are judged based on specific criteria. The judges will assess technical skill, musical expression, and overall performance. In solo piping competitions, the judges will also consider the piper's tune selection, whether it was appropriate for the competition category. In band competitions, the judges will consider the ensemble playing, the quality of the musical arrangements, and the technical ability of the individual pipers and drummers.

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