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Join us in our entertainment hall this year and see crowd favorites the Wicked Tinkers and Men of Worth back by popular demand. Newcomers the AML Trio will be joining us this year as well!


Wicked Tinkers

The Wicked Tinkers aim to create a sound that is both “ancient and hauntingly familiar” with use of bagpipes, tribal drums, didgeridoos, and a Bronze-Age Irish horn paired with a modern, rock-and-roll energy; their music will transport you back in time and get an audience off their feet with a raw, primal, and exciting sound.

The Wicked Tinkers will perform on Friday and Saturday.


Men of Worth

Enjoy the wit and prowess of Donnie Macdonald and James Keigher. Their show is a unique combination of humor, exciting tunes, and soulful, heartfelt ballads. While both sing in English, Donnie also sings in his first language, Scots Gaelic and James in Irish Gaelic. Donnie comes from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland while James comes from County Mayo in Ireland. Men of Worth will perform Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

AML Trio

The trio Adams, Martin and Linahon are hard strumming, foot stomping Celtic folk band from the Oregon coast. Their vocal harmonies alongside lively folk instruments. Irish bouzouki, tin whistle, traditional bodhran drum, banjo and more set the stage for stories of the Celtic nations. Hear crowd favorites, songs of the Scottish Highlands, sea shanties and folk tunes new and old.  The AML Trio will perform Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


Friday Main Stage Schedule

6:00 An Dragan Celteach Irish Dancers pre-show

7:00 Massed Bands

Clan March and Chieftain Speech

8:00 Men of Worth

8:30  AML Trio

9:00 Wicked Tinkers

Saturday Main Stage Schedule


10:00 Men of Worth

11:00 AML Trio

12:30 Bonnie Knees Contest

1:00 Wicked Tinkers

2:00 Men of Worth

3:00 AML Trio

4:00 Wicked Tinkers

6:30 Men of Worth

7:30 AML Trio

8:30 Wicked Tinkers

Sunday Main Stage Schedule

10:00 AML Trio

12:00 Men of Worth

1:00 AML Trio

2:00 Men of Worth

3:00 AML Trio

4:00 Men of Worth


Ceremonies and more!

12:00 Massed Bands, Clan March and Opening Ceremonies
5:30 Massed Bands

More TBA

11:00 AM Kirkin' O' the Tartan (will be held inside the Grand building upstairs)
4:00 Closing Ceremonies and Massed Bands
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