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About Us

"What e're thou art, act well thy part."

Our mission is to celebrate and promote the customs, civilization, and achievement of Scottish heritage.

Deanadh gach neach a dhicheall. 'What e're thou art, act well thy part' is the motto of the Utah Scottish Association.

Our mission is to celebrate and promote the customs, civilization, and achievement of Scottish heritage.

Our vision is to be the premier cultural association in Utah by welding Scottish cultural traditions into a viable present and advancing a heritable future.

Values: Kinship, Education, Integrity, and Philanthropy.

The Utah Scottish Association annual functions include:

Robert Burns Supper @ SLC, BYU and Ogden

Tartan Ball

Scottish Festival and Highland Games

St Andrews Ball

Other events throughout the year include lectures, demonstrations, displays and other activities to help Scots, Scottish-Americans, Scotland lovers and their descendants learn more about, and participate in, their Celtic culture.


Utah Scottish Association


At our Highland Games and Scottish Festival June 11th, 2016, Lord Lyon King of Arms came from the The Court of the Lord Lyon to present the Association with our own Coat of Arms. The shield is to be used by the board members and past board members of the Utah Scottish Association, and the badge can be worn by Association members and supporters


The Lord Lyon presents the Association with a print of a Victorian royal proclamation at the Mercat Cross in Edinburgh.

The Lord Lyon proclaims his Letters Patent during the presentation of the arms.

Our Board

Association Officers Executive Board

President: Mary McLarty

Vice Pres: Brooke Montgomery

Membership Secretary: Kathy Steel

Association Secretary: Alisa Scott

Treasurer: Jared Hunt

Adviser: Maggie Munro

Adviser/Legal: Glen A. Cook of Kingerly

Immediate Past President: Dan Stuart


Association Board Members

Alisa Scott

Rob Alldredge

Bonnie Jensen

Tamara Magruder

Jordan Hinckley

Connie Carlson

Jeff Mann

Doreane Forsyth Sandusky Jarmin


In Memory of Fred Buchanan

and David Barclay

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