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Flowers of the Forest

A traditional Flowers of the Forest remembrance will be read at all three of our ceremonies on the Tattoo Field. The names below have been submitted before June 14th. If you would like a name to be read in remembrance please bring your names to the Zion Building/Vip/Hospitality. Someone there will be able to assist you.

Founding Member Elizabeth "Betty" Saunders 

Clan Chief, Robin Neill Lochnell Malcolm

Joel Sim

Charles Dewar Waterston

Steve Harley

Glen William Cameron

Gordon McQueen

Winnie Ewing

John Cairney

David McCallum

Kathy Steel

Norman Munnoch

Mark Coombs

Shirline Wright

Norman Irons

We’ll hear nae mair lilting at our ewe-milking; Women and bairns are heartless and wae; Sighing and moaning on ilka green loaning- The Flowers of the Forest are a’ wede away.

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