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Piping and Drumming

The Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games is now accepting band and solo registrations!

Please click on the following link to register:
Bands Grades 2-5
Solo Light Music 1-5, Novice Practice Chanter
Piobaireachd 1-4
Solo Snare 1-5, Novice Practice Pad
Tenor Novice and Intermediate and Bass Novice and
Band travel and prize money available.
  Information regarding the workshops will be forthcoming. 

Online entries are available through May 26, 2023.
Late entries will not be accepted.

Please contact Jeff Mann if you have any questions:


All amateur grades will be offered on Saturday Grades 5, 4,1 Piping & 5,4,1,novice
Drumming and Sunday. Grades 3,2 Piping and Drumming
 Drum Salute
 Midsection contest  (Check Contest rules regarding mid-section contest)
Band Contest
 Grade 5 - Quick March Medley
 Grade 4 - Medley
 Grade 3 - MSR
 Grade 2 - Medley
 Grade 5 - MSM
 Grade 4 - MSR
 Grade 3 - Medley
 Grade 2 – MSR

We take pride in running a well-organized and efficient event. We are located in the heart of WUSPBA. It's a great place for bands and soloists from all WUSPBA
branches to gather.


  Please contact Jeff Mann if you have any questions

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